Rotary Screen

Rotary screens are used for continuous separation of suspended solids from raw wastewater. When installed in a pumping station, raw water and solid pollution are trapped on the inside surface of the screen. Rakes will then lift up the trash collected on the front screen and continue upwards while raking up the trash trapped on the main screen.


  • 4m Width x 4.2m Height | Sg Raja | 1997
  • 1.2m Width x 6.7m Height | Sg Raja | 1997
  • 4m Width x 3.85m Height | Alor Malai Drainage Pumping Station | 2003
  • 3.0m Width x 4.8m Height | Johor | 2009
  • 1.75m Width x 3.5m Height | Penang | 2010
  • 2.8m Width x 8.9 m Height | Kelantan | 2010