Adasfa, your water, wastewater and environmental solutions provider.

Adasfa has been working on improving the environment since 1990. Our commitment to quality and excellence has given us the opportunity to evolve into a leading water, wastewater and environmental engineering company. We are constantly seeking different avenues and solutions to provide technical and the industrial expertise to solve the ever challenging environmental issues.

Knowing our role and responsibility, we are passionate in what we do. Having seen how the natural environment is being compromised to the extend where a basic necessity like clean water may be in doubt or the severity of a flood may caused, we do not take our position for granted. We are committed to offer a range of robust product in river cleaning, flood mitigation work and industry knowledge in building the next water or wastewater treatment plant. After all, everyone benefits from a cleaner and liveable environment.


Our mission is to supply cost effective locally manufactured international standard water, wastewater and environmental products with industrial and building services.


Our vision is to be a leading contractor and provider of water, wastewater and environmental solutions to ensure a cleaner and sustainable environment.

Our History

Adasfa is 100% Bumiputra company with our home office based in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Over the years, we have adopted innovative technology and machineries to manufacture some of the most challenging product in the industry. All manufacturing works are carried out here in our own facilities that housed 2 factories and a grit blasting shop. We have an office in Puchong, Selangor that facilitates the sales and aftermarket services.